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Title page and Frontispiece of "The constitutions of the free-masons "

Masonic lodge layout for initiation of Apprentice

Depicting a freemason altar with the cardinal directions

Steps of freemasonry.jpg
Poster depicting the different levels of the three main rites in Freemasonry

The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia https_pamasonictemple_orgtemple.jpg
The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia

Two masonic rings from the Deutsches Freimaurermuseum, Bayreuth

Masonic ashlar.png
Showing a rough Ashlar and perfect Ashlar

The book of the sacred law grenvillelodge_org.jpg
An altar with the "Volume of the Sacred Law", the "three lights" and a square and compass.

Masonic poster USA 1846.JPG
Poster art of a Masonic chart 1846
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